Vogelbräu in Ettlingen
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Vogelbräu in ettlingen
This is the Vogelbräu pub/restaurant in Ettlingen, it used to be a cinema before being converted. The theme throughout the whole building is film, actors and actresses. On most of the pictures hanging on the walls you'll see "hotspots" that when clicked will open up trailers of old films, along with info about the building and related souvenirs.
Vogelbräu in Karlsruhe - main branch
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In each of the tours there's a floor plan. Above each floor plan there are several rooms you can choose from. In each floor plan there are blue "navigation buttons", when one of the buttons is active it changes to red and rotates with a radar arc showing you in which direction you are looking in the panorama. You can move from one panorama to the other by clicking on the blue buttons in the floor plan, or in the actual panorama or by clicking on the small preview pictures along the bottom. For best viewing you should enter "fullscreen mode" by clicking on the german text in red under the floor plan (klicken Sie Hier) you enter "fullscreen mode". To leave "fullscreen mode" click on your escape button (Esc) on your keyboard. All red "hotspots" within the panoramas open up a variety of windows with video, audio, pictures, animations etc - have lots of fun exploring one of germany's best collection of bar/restaurants with a brewery on each of the premises serving a wide variety of the delicious Vogelbräu unfiltered beers.
Vogelbräu in Durlach
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Vogelbräu in Durlach is the latest of the Vogelbräu pub and restaurants with their own local brewery on the premises. In Durlach there is a large beer garden with electric driven sunshades during the summer months and temprature controlled heating systems in spring and autum.
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