The video "Making Of" was filmed during the production of the ICOM award winning interactive website "The Turkish Booty" that was produced for the Badisch State Museum in Karlsruhe, Germany. It won a "Gold Award" against such renowned competitors as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Natural History Museum in Toulouse and the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

We at AdvancedVision participated together with the New York Group and Fox Media in the 360° digital capture of exhibits for "The Turkish Booty"

Interiors: Baroque palaces, regency castles, castles


Exteriors: Baroque palaces, castles & gardens


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Dinner in a artistic setting.

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Vogelbrau in Baden, Germany is a collection of interesting pubs incorporating bars, restaurants and the typical german beer gardens. Behind the scenes is Rudi Vogel the brewer who through his background and experience developed a cult beer - the Vogelbräu, luxourious in ingredients and unfiltered with a natural aroma. NOTE: This website is only in german.

Stieg Larssons Stockholm Stieg Larssons Stockholm TO VIEW CLICK HERE
Stieg Larsson Stockholm. Stieg Larsson was born on the 15 August 1954 as Karl Stig-Erland Larsson in Skelleftehamn, Västerbottens State, Sweden. Later he and his family moved to Stockholm. Stieg Larsson was also known for his many years of political and journalistic commitment to socialism and against right-wing extremisim and racism. Among other things, he co-founded the magazine Expo, for which he was editor-in-chief from 1999. Stieg is known for his romance suit Millennium - Men who hate women, The girl who played with fire, The air castle that blasted. Stieg died after a heart attack the 9th of November in Stockholm.

Hilma af Klint - A Pioneer of Abstraction

As early as 1906 Hilma af Klint was developing in seclusion abstract imagery several years before Wassily Kandinsky, who even today is regarded as one of the forerunners in abstract art.
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Bryan Adams Fotografiska

Fifteen years of photography has resulted in Exposed. An exhibition showing Bryan Adams broad and exciting production. The title is well chosen: Exposed - to expose, that's exactly what Bryan Adams photographs do. From the glamorous celebrity world to Wounded In Exposed: The Legacy of War, with war-wounded young British soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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